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Wasp Bar Code Labeler

  Easy to Use Barcode label generator

Wasp Labeler is designed to meet the most demanding bar code labeling and printing requirements. This top-selling labeling package allows you to create bar code labels and print to any local or network Windows printer in just minutes. Import data directly from your corporate database. With Wasp Labeler, you can easily generate bar code labels, asset or inventory labels, address labels and envelopes with PostNet Zip Codes, compliance labels—just about any label for practically any industry.


  Print directly from your handheld

Print and share your business-critical information precisely when and where you need it. PrintBoy connects directly to your printer using an infrared, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, serial or TCP/IP connection. With PrintBoy, you can print documents to your local area network printer via Bluetooth, or send an important report to your office printer via your modem/smart phone. Enjoy the real benefits of mobile computing by taking your ability to print your documents "anywhere" you go!


  Turn any database into data collection

ScanSeek RF is a unique application that allows you to wirelessly connect PC-based business applications to a Pocket PC handheld device, such as the Symbol 8100 or the Compaq iPAQ with SPS3000 sled. With Scanseek RF you are able to instantly create mobile software solutions using Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, or any other data source, and build a data collection application based on that data. ScanSeek RF helps you meet corporate audit and regulatory requirements while saving time and money.

Portable Technology Solutions

  Ideal solution for any data capture situation.

Using Tracer on Symbol Palm OS® bar code enabled terminals, data collection tasks are accomplished quickly, accurately, and inexpensively. Tracer features custom field settings and data flow control, giving you the power to arrange the data entry screen into a format that works best for your particular application. Tracer's flexibility makes it the perfect solution for most data acquisition tasks. Even if the Palm OS® terminal is used for another primary purpose, Tracer is a vital addition to your Palm™ Powered device.


  Mobilize. Expand. Connect.

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