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Sample MCL Applications
For your convenience we've included demo applications within MCL-Designer. The sample applications are designed to help you with your own application design, reduce your learning curve and demonstrate best practices within MCL-Designer.

Once you open MCL-Designer you can open a demo project by clicking on 'FILE' 'OPEN' and selecting the Project inside the 'Create Project' window. Any of these applications can be changed to suite your requirements and saved under the sample application name. Sample MCL applications include: MCL-Designer v2.6x

  • Demo3x—for the PDT 3000 and 6000 Series
  • Demo72—for the PDT 7200 Series (DOS only)
  • Demo75—or the PDT 7500 Series (DOS only)
  • DemoPalm—for the SPT Series (PalmOS® only)
  • Demo_28xx—for the PPT Series (PocketPC only)
  • Demo_81xx—for the PDT Series (PocketPC only)

MCL-Designer v3.x
  • Demo 28xx.PRJ—for the PPT Series (PocketPC only)
  • Demo 81xx.PRJ—for the PDT Series (PocketPC only)
  • Demo 88xx.PRJ—for the PPT Series (WIN CE/WM2003 only)
  • Demo MC90xx.PRJ—for the MC 9000 Series (WIN CE/WM2003 only)
  • DemoPalm.PRJ—for the SPT Series (PalmOS only)

These applications provide a broad range of ideas from program structure and flow to developing database links for batch and RF applications. This sample application also provides you the opportunity to use the MCL Simulator, which is an interactive application running on your computer to see exactly what application does and how it's used (interface with the terminal).

We also encourage you to download the step-by-step instructions for creating a project on a PDT 3000/6000 Series or PDT 7000 Series. We're sure you'll find some useful tips and with just some basic knowledge of MCL you can develop your own incredible applications.

Please let us know your ideas for future sample applications:

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