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MCL-Collection/MCL Collection v.2.5x—Release Notes

Supported Terminals: MCL is continually increasing its functionality and expanding its terminal support.

MCL-Collection software has been approved for use with the following Motorola devices:

Supported Devices - MCL Version 3.x:
  • MT2000
  • MC75
  • MC70
  • MC55
  • MC50
  • MC35
  • MC17
  • WT4090
  • WT4070
  • VC5090
  • MC9000
  • MC9090
  • MC3000
  • MC3090
  • MC3100
  • MK590
  • MC1000
  • PDT8000
  • PDT8100
  • PDT2800
  • PPT8800
  • SPT1500
  • SPT1800
  • VRC7900
Supported Devices - MCL Version 2.x:
  • Phaser (P360/P370 & P460/P470)
  • Legacy PDT3000/6000 Series
  • PPT 28xx/PDT 81xx Pocket PC 2002 Terminals
  • SPT1550 & 18xx (Palm OS Version 4.1)
  • SPT1500 & 17xx (Palm OS Version 3.5.2)
* with minimum 640 KB memory)

Remember: your MCL applications are easily ported to any Symbol terminal using MCL's automatic Project conversion. MCL-Designer for Phaser version 2.5 supports the following:

Phaser Scanners
  • P360 Industrial Memory Scanner
  • P460 Memory Scanner
  • P370 and P470 Cordless Scanners
Remember: MCL-Client is bundled at the factory with all Phasers and the MT2070 sold by Motorola. Therefore, they're factory ready to run applications generated by MCL-Designer for Phaser and MCL-Designer for the MT2000 .

Backward compatibility: MCL-Collection version 2.5x is fully compatible with previous 2.1x versions.

MCL-Collection v3.x is fully compatible with version 2.5x. Meaning you could easily develop an MCL Application in MCL-Designer for your new Symbol terminal , like the MC9000 then use it side-by-side with your existing MCL V2.5x terminals, like the PDT 6800.

There are some important considerations when utilizing backward compatibility, first you don't get to take advantage of the new and improved MCL features by using with a previous version of MCL software. therefore, we recommend using MCL-Designer V3 to develop applications for your new Symbol terminals. Take full advantage of the new MCL features, like increased files, new communication protocol and more. Then install MCL-Net V3 on the same computer as MCL-NetS24, but in a separate directory and run both side-by-side.

There are more advantages to doing this, which include the ability to directly import your current MCL V2 Application directly into MCL-Designer V3 then improvements can be made to the MCL Application to take advantage of the new software or terminal features.

For a directory of available MCL Collection software, click here.

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