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Win CE 4.2 OS Upgrade for MK2046
In addition to the downloadable software, you will be receiving a hardware kit containing a radio card (CF format) and a PCMCIA to CF converter card (allows installation in the PCMCIA slot of the Micro Kiosk). Note that the old radio card will need to be replaced with the new radio kit in order for the upgrade software to work properly.

Device Compatibility

  • MK2046 Win CE4.2

Installation Requirements

See Readme MK OS Upgrade.doc


20XXC42OS030200.bgz 13.5 Mb
2250C42PLAT64M430.hex 2.75 Mb
Readme MK OS Upgrade.doc 93 Kb

Part Number: SWE-114795-01

This product is not available for purchase through the Software Technology Center. Please contact your Symbol Sales Representative.