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Windows Mobile 5.0 Traditional Chinese OS upgrade for MC 50 series Pocket PC 2003
This package will enable the user to upgrade an MC 50 currently running Windows Mobile 5.0 WWE version to Traditional Chinese version. This upgrade is a purchased item and must be purchased and the serial numbers for all terminals being updated must be submitted to Motorola.

Other than the OS Upgrade, the following components are also added/updated.

  • Fusion replaces Mobile Companion
  • AirBEAM v3.30 support
  • RDClient v3.30 support
  • Built-in USB Host mode support for use with 4 slot Ethernet cradle
  • 1Gb SD card support (SanDisk, ATP, and SimpleTech)
  • Added "Imager PickList Mode" capability to all Imager Terminals
  • Platform folder in PPC2003 OS is no longer available in WM5.0
  • Support for Persistent Store/User Store of about 30 Mb available.
  • Application folder of about 3.5 Mb is available.

Device Compatibility

This software has been approved for use with the following devices:
  • MC50w

Install Requirements

This software package has been approved for use with the following:
  • MC 50 device with WM5.0 (WWE) Operating System

  • or
  • MC 50 device with Pocket PC 2003 (Traditional Chinese) Operating System

Release Date: January 2008

28.2 Mb
MC50 WM5.0 Traditional

Part Number: SWE-107548-01

This product is not available for purchase through the Software Technology Center. Please contact your Symbol Sales Representative.