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Device Configuration Package v1.0 for MC9000c50 English
The Device Configuration Package for 9000c50 v1.0 is used for upgrade MC9000 terminals from CE 4.2 OS to CE5.0 OS using the OSUPDATE package and also to customize and deploy software for a MC9000 running Windows CE 5.0. In addition to the OSUPDATE package, it contains a Readme file, a Product Reference Guide, the Terminal Configuration Manager (TCM) program, TCM Script files, and the complete set on component files used to rebuild the default hex files, other than Operating System image.

A DCP is a stand-alone tool that does not require any other tools to be installed.

NOTE: DCP now contains the hex images necessary to restore the terminal to the state that was just after the upgrade.

A DCP cannot be used to create applications. To create applications for MC9000 CE 50, download and install the SMDK for required programming language and the Windows CE Platform SDK for 9000 CE50.

Please see DCP Release Notes File below for further information.

Hex Files-used to reload the default flash file partitions. These images are included in the DCP.

The images are:

File Name
File Size
Partition Table 9000c50PT64M001.hex
10 Kb

Application 9000c50App64M001.hex
12.2 Mb

Platform 9000c50Plat64M001.hex
4.4 Mb

Monochrome Splash Screen 9000c50mSpl64M001.hex
39 Kb

Color Splash Screen 9000c50cSpl64M001.hex
79 Kb

Operating System 9000c50OS001.hex
19 Mb

Monitor 9000c50Mon1_21.hex
425 Kb

Device Compatibility

This software has been approved for use with the following devices:
  • MC9000 series having CE 4.2 operating system
    Note: 32 Mb Flash terminals are not supported.

Install Requirements

This software package has been approved for use with the following:
  1. Window XP or Windows 2000 PC with DCP CE5.0 installed on it.
  2. Active Sync 4.1 or Higher.
  3. SD card Minimum 32Mb (SanDisk, ATP, SimpleTech).

Release Date: October 2007


57.1 Mb
DCP for MC9000 CE5.0
Release Notes - MC9000 CE5.0 v1.0.htm
29 Kb
Release Notes

Part Number: SWE-106007-01

This product is not available for purchase through the Software Technology Center. Please contact your Symbol Sales Representative.