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Licensing Application to enable the upgrade of an MC3070 running Windows CE 4.2 to Windows CE 5.0
This application is necessary to enable the upgrade of an MC3070 running Windows CE 4.2 to Windows CE 5.0.

It is necessary to purchase a license for EVERY device to be upgraded. The serial number for each device to be upgraded must be supplied when placing the order for the licensing application. The application will run on either a Core OS device or a Professional OS device. The application will only allow the following upgrades to be enabled:

CE 4.2 Core OS upgrade to CE 5.0 Core OS

CE 4.2 Professional OS upgrade to CE 5.0 Professional OS

Install Prerequisites

  • Windows CE 4.2 Core or Pro
Important Note
The application is to be run directly on the terminal. Once the unit has been successfully licensed, it will then be possible to upgrade the device to Windows CE 5.0 using DCP 1.2 or later. It is not possible nor is it legal to convert a Core OS license to Professional. In addition, it is not possible to convert a Professional OS license to Core.

Installation Instructions
Please see the Readme.txt file for Installation Instructions after downloading and unzipping the contents.

Release Date: September 2006

Zip file containing the licensing application and readme.txt

3.21 Kb

Part Number: SWE-86339-01

This product is not available for purchase through the Software Technology Center. Please contact your Symbol Sales Representative.

  Additional Versions/Associated Products
MC3070 Windows CE 4.2 Pro to Windows CE 5.0 Pro
Part Number: SWE-86374-01
Price: Not Available. Please contact Symbol Sales Representative.