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MK1100 MicroKiosk for Windows CE .NET 4.2
The MK1100 MicroKiosk for Windows CE .NET 4.2 allows retail consumers to verify prices on bar coded merchandise and obtain up-to-the-minute information on in-store promotions for seasonal sales and upcoming events. The device also has an easy-to-read display that can be used as an electronic billboard for instant in-store merchandising.

The MK1100 communication interfaces include both wired and wireless solutions:

  • Wired Ethernet (10 Base-T cable)
  • Wireless Ethernet (11Mb RF)
  • Wired RS-232 (serial cable).
This OS can be used to upgrade an MK11xx from Windows CE.NET 4.1 to Windows CE.NET 4.2 or to re-install Windows CE.NET on an MK11xx.

Install Prerequisites
  • CF card or PC card with the appropriate upgrade files.
  • ESD mat and equipment required to properly ground the operator.
Software available on Developer Zone:
  • Command file for the MK1100: PC_MK1100_300.mcf
  • Command file for the MK1150: PC_MK1150_300.mcf
  • Partition files:
    • Monitor file: 11xxc42Mon0120.bgz
    • Platform –without Aegis Client file: 1100c42Plat32M301.hex
    • Platform – with Aegis Client file: 1150c42Plat32M301.hex
    • Partition Table file: 11xxc42Pt32M300.hex
    • Application Partition file: 11xxc42App32M300.hex
    • Splash Screen file: 11xxc42cSpl300.hex
OS Software (Upgrade fee required)
  • OS file: 11xxc42OS030000.bgz
Installation Instructions
For detailed OS upgrade instructions, go to: for the latest MK1100 MicroKiosk for CE .NET 4.2 Product Reference Guide, part number 72-67562-xx.

MK1100 for Windows CE NET 4.2 Information

Filename: 11xxc42OS030000.bgz
File size: 9.14 Mb
Release date: March 2006

Part Number: SWE-84259-01

Number of licenses: 1

This product is not available for purchase through the Software Technology Center. Please contact your Symbol Sales Representative.