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Microsoft Windows CE 4.2 Upgrade for PPT 8800 CE4.1 Terminals v1.02
This package will provide you with the necessary files required to update your PPT 8800 Windows CE4.1 OS terminal with Windows CE4.2. Also provided are the Device Configuration Package (DCP) and Platform SDK (PSDK).

Device Configuration Package (DCP v1.0)
File: DCP8800c42-1.00.02.exe
File size: 8.83 Mb

Note: This DCP v1.0 was not updated with the latest terminal files just released.

The Device Configuration Package for PPT 8800 with Windows CE4.2 Software v1.0 is used to customize and deploy software for a Symbol PPT 8800 running the Windows Embedded CE 4.2 operating system. It contains a Readme file, a link to the Product Reference Guide, the Terminal Configuration Manager (TCM) program, TCM Script files, and the complete set of component files used to rebuild or customize the Platform and Application hex files.

A DCP is a stand-alone tool that does not require any other tools to be installed. Device Configuration Packages can be installed side-by-side on the same PC, allowing a developer to create and deploy applications for different versions of the same mobile device.

A DCP can NOT be used to create applications. To create applications for the PPT 8800 with Windows Mobile 2003 Software, download and install the SMDK for eVC4 and the PPT 8800 Platform SDK mentioned below.

Platform SDK Compatibility
File: PSDK8800c42-10002.exe
File size: 49.5 Mb

The software components released in the DCP above have been created and tested using this version of Windows CE Platform SDK PPT 8800c42 v1.0. Usage with any other version of the Platform SDK is not recommended.

Microsoft Windows CE 4.2 OS Upgrade Images v1.02
Format: compressed (.zip);
File size: 13.2 MB
Release date: February 2005

The downloadable .zip file contains the following hex files:

OS Image for PPT8800/8846
Platform Image for PPT 8800
Platform Image for PPT 8846
Application image for PPT 8800/8846
Partition Table for PPT 8800/8846
Splash Screen
IPL image

Extract the hex images to install the Windows CE4.2 OS onto your existing PPT 8800 Windows CE4.1 terminal. The upgrade process will take approximately 1- hours to complete using IPL mode with a RS-232 serial connection or approximately 10 minutes using AirBEAM over an 802.11b network connection. Please refer to the PRG for IPL download instructions.

Release Notes (v1.1)
  • The CE4.2 OS images can only be used to update the PPT 8800 CE4.1 terminals with the following model configurations (PPT8800-Txxxxxxx and PPT8846-Txxxxxxx). PPT8860-Txxxxxxx model configurations are not supported. You will also not be able to use this OS image to update a PPT 8800 Pocket PC 2003 terminal (PPT88xx-R3xxxxxx).
  • All CE4.2 applications need to be built using ARMV4 processor type (selectable under "Select Active Configuration" using eVC4). Using ARMV4I will not work.
  • This release includes the following updates from the previous release:
OS Changes
  • Add SAX Parser
  • The low backup battery warning dialogue no longer pops up.
  • Fix UUID: could not be displayed using Symbol CtlPanel application
  • Resolved the slight display flicker that may be seen under certain lighting conditions
  • Fixed various Symbol CtlPanel application issues
  • Added Microsoft's "Toolhelp.dll"
  • Updated CAD.dll to allow software invoked cold boots.
  • Added Imgdecmp.dll in order to get image viewer to work
  • Fixed low speaker volume issue
  • Edit wrong spelling in power off tab. "walm" to "warm".
Platform Changes
  • S24 Build 70 (T3.9.3.70) 802.11b update, which now supports WPA (Full share key) security using AEGIS Client.
    • Software Version:
    • Driver Version:
    • Firmware Version: 3.91-71
    • Hardware version: 3.0
  • Add old and new MSR driver to Platform
  • Added RD Client to all platforms.
  • Added AirBeam to 8800
Application Changes
  • Add Aegis Client. By default, AEGIS Client will NOT be launched after cold boot.
  • Replaced explorer.exe by compiling with PIE feature added and backup battery warning removed.
  • This release includes the following features:
    1. All Microsoft QFE's up to January 2004
    2. Supports Symbol's Printer Driver Version 2.0
    3. Enhancements to the Symbol Sample Applications
    4. Enhancements to the Multi-key and Star '*' key feature on the 15 key terminal
    5. Supports turning the 802.11b radio off/on while unit is on
    6. Includes 802.11b drivers in PPT8846 with the following features.
      • TKIP (WPA) Encryption
      • WEP Encryption
      • Authenticatioins: Kerberos, LEAP for Symbol S24 Radios, EAP-TLS, and PEAP
      • International Roaming
      • Peer-to-Peer Networks
      • Rogue AP Detection
      • Keyguard MCM
      • Mobile Companion
      • Roaming Profiles
      • Configuration Persistence
Install Requirements
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 or Windows XP
Known Issues
  • There may be intermittent times that the Microsoft 'Zero Config' RF User Interface appears. Symbol only supports the Mobile Companion User Interface, so it is recommended to close the Zero Config application. At times a warm boot may be required.
  • When terminal is disassociated from an EAP/PEAP network an error message: WZCESetInterface may be displayed.
  • There may be intermittent times that the 40 bit WEP encryption does not provide a usable IP address using Symbol's Access Points. A firmware update to the Access Point is required and will be available in the near future.

Note: An upgrade fee is required.

Please contact your Symbol Sales Representative in order to purchase.

Part Number: SWE-68015-02


Microsoft Windows CE 4.2 Upgrade for PPT 8800 CE4.1 Terminals v1.02

Part Number: SWE-68015-02

Price: N/A