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CrEme™ Plus v.3.25 for PPT 8800 (Windows Mobile 2003) or MC 9000 (Windows Mobile 2003)
Created by NSIcom, CrEme is Java™ for Windows Mobile / Pocket PC and CE.NET. CrEme™ Plus v.3.25 supports Symbol devices include PPT 8800 (Windows Mobile 2003) or MC 9000 (Windows Mobile 2003).

CrEme Plus is CrEme bundled with Symbol value-add capabilities such as barcode scanning, magstripe reading, and Spectrum24®.

CrEme is an enhanced Java Virtual Machine (JVM), specially configured to run on Windows Mobile 2003, Pocket PC 2002, or CE.NET. It is based on Sun’s authentic codes, and fully compatible with pJava 3.1 Maximum Configuration. CrEme has passed Sun’s TCK on several WinCE devices, and represents a significant expansion to NSIcom's extensive Java product line. CrEme is adapted to and optimized for standard Windows CE devices, including Palmtop appliances, Handheld PCs, Pocket PCs and PDAs with different CPUs: MIPS, PPC, SH3, StrongARM, X86.

CrEme is a significant tool for the Windows CE developer community. It is an easy-to-install, robust product with a small footprint. It provides a Windows CE device with all the power of Java—portability, connectivity and the rest—without in any way reducing the power of the Windows CE environment itself. It supports both pJava's Truffle, and tiny AWT Graphical interfaces.

CrEme has special modules (Plug-ins) that enable Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 and Pocket Internet Explorer browsers to access and execute Java applets, as well as Java applications.

Supported devices include PPT 8800 (Windows Mobile 2003) or MC 9000 (Windows Mobile 2003).

Note: Use CrEme™ Plus v.3.24 for PPT 2800, PDT 8000, PDT 8100, PPT 8800 (CE.NET), and MC 9000 (CE.NET).

Part Number: SWE-58469-04

This product is not available for purchase through the Software Technology Center. Please contact your Symbol Sales Representative.