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Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 Upgrade Tool for PDT 8000/8046 Terminals with 128/64 Memory
Format: compressed (.zip); File size: 16.4 Mb
Tools Required: 32 Mb or greater Compact Flash card
Release date: April 2004

This is a self-extracting zip file to install Windows Mobile 2003 OS onto your PDT 8000/8046, presently running Pocket PC 2002 OS. The upgrade process will take several minutes to complete. See the ReadMe File for further details.

The upgrade package contains all the necessary Binary files required to upgrade a terminal.

  1. All files contained in the self-extracting .zip file need to be copied to the root directory of a Compact Flash card, including the OS zip file.
  2. Then place the CF card into the user-accessible CF card slot. Please refer to the terminal Quick Reference Guide (PRG) for further details.
  3. Connect the terminal to an external power source.
  4. To flash the OS components and the partition files, follow the instructions in the ReadMe file, contained in the Upgrade Tool.
  5. The files contained in the upgrade package for 128/64 are:
    • 80xxwApp64M014.hex
    • 80xxwcSpl004.hex
    • 80xxwPlat018.hex
    • PT64M08.hex
    • Mon212.hex
    • Loadbins.ipl
    • Readme.txt
    • S1mon.ipl
    • S2-64M.ipl

Click here for the Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 Upgrade Tool for PDT 8000/8046 Terminals with 128/128 Memory.

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Part Number: SWE-67972-01

Support Information:
Technical Assistance: Symbol Support or call +1 (800) 653-5350.

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