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Symbol Mobile Application Gateway v1.1
Symbol’s Mobile Application Gateway (MAG) software enables you to develop new and extend existing back-end applications for your mobile devices faster and more cost effectively than custom coding and point solutions. MAG has won several awards, including PC Magazine Editors’ Choice Award for Best Mobile Application Platform.

MAG v1.1

Write Once, Run Anywhere
With MAG, you can build mobile applications for a single Symbol device and port the programs to other devices across your enterprise with minimal effort. Device operating systems supported include Windows, Pocket PC, Win CE, Palm OS® and others.

Faster Development with Business Process Modeling
You can exploit the visual business process modeling environment in MAG to cut development costs dramatically. MAG's patented process modeling tools brings application development closer to the business user and adds flexibility and maintainability to applications, resulting in higher quality, optimized applications and a high degree of adaptivity for developers.

Run Rich Offline Applications with or without Network Connectivity
MAG allows today’s occasionally connected mobile workers to continue working and performing complex business transactions even in offline mode—just as if they were within network coverage. With MAG’s smart client, business logic and data are stored locally on the mobile device. Applications transition smoothly between offline and online states, seamlessly synching stored information either wirelessly over WWAN or WLAN or via a cradle, once the mobile device is reconnected to the network.

Rapid Integration with Server-Side Applications and Systems
MAG’s component-based integration enables your mobile applications to be rapidly integrated with existing server-side databases, applications and systems through pre-built adapters and rapid integration capabilities. Integration and application components can be re-used across multiple projects and applications, further reducing development cost. MAG is tested and integrated with IBM’s WebSphere software, BEA’s WebLogic software and much more.

Protect Your Technology Investment with Standards-Based Architecture
MAG features a modular architecture based on generally accepted programming models such as J2EE, J2ME, web services and Model-View-Controller. Standards are used in MAG to future-proof your mobile applications and protect your information technology investment.

Part Number: SWE-65324-01

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