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SSL Mobile VPN (formerly AirBEAM® Safe) Gatekeeper
SSL Mobile VPN (formerly AirBEAM® Safe) from Motorola delivers the privacy, integrity and authentication of your wireless local area (WLAN) and wireless wide area (WWAN) communications from start to finish. From service technicians to government workers, SSL Mobile VPN's wireless virtual private network (VPN) provides a robust level of security typically found only in wired networks. It delivers strong, end-to-end encryption between the corporate firewall and the application server, using industry-standard authentication methodology.

SSL Mobile VPN consists of:

*What's a DMZ?
In computer networks, a DMZ (demilitarized zone) is a computer host or small network inserted as a "neutral zone" between a company's private network and the outside public network. It prevents outside users from getting direct access to a server that has company data. (The term comes from the geographic buffer zone that was set up between North Korea and South Korea following the UN "police action" in the early 1950s.) A DMZ is an optional and more secure approach to a firewall and effectively acts as a proxy server as well. Source: TechTarget.

Part Number: safegate-00-1.2

Support Information:
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