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Symbol PocketBrowser for Pocket PC 2002
The Symbol PocketBrowser takes the core components of Microsoft’s Pocket IE and wraps them into an application that suits the Symbol Pocket PC terminals and fulfills more of the customer’s requirements.

Simply, the Symbol PocketBrowser blocks the end user from the operating system, exposes the full real estate of the Pocket PC’s screen to the Web application designer and harnesses the Symbol unique features, adding more value to the terminal over the competition.

Product Features

  • Operating System Lock-Out
    Completely locks the user out of the operating system (unless explicitly specified by the designer). Removes the address bar and navigation bar, normally visible in Pocket IE. Disables and hides the “Start” bar, so the user cannot select other applications, such as Solitaire.

    A designer can include the “Quit” META tag on a page. When this page is loaded, the application will exit. This page could be placed on a secure link, allowing an authorised administrator access to the OS.

  • Full Screen
    Runs in full screen mode, giving the full potential of the 320*240, ¼ VGA screen.
  • No SIP Edit Control
    Unlike Pocket IE, the Symbol PocketBrowser allows a designer to control when the SIP (standard input panel or soft keyboard) should appear, providing a more professional ‘look-and-feel’ when combined with other features such as the barcode scanner.
  • Barcode Scanning
    The barcode scanner can be configured to output the scanned data as keyboard presses or pass the data to a JavaScript function.

    Symbologies can be configured on a page-by-page basis exposing the full functionality of the scanner engine.

  • Make use of those Hard Keys
    On the PDT 81xx, all the keys can be trapped and assigned to a JavaScript function or a URL. Likewise on the PPT 28xx, the Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Notes keys etc can be trapped. This makes selecting from a menu or list more intuitive.
  • Print To Portable Printers
    Using the Symbol Adaptive Printer Driver, the Symbol PocketBrowser can print to several popular portable printers such as the Zebra Cameo and the O’Neil PrintPad.
  • Trap The Power On
    On each page, a URL or JavaScript function can be specified which the browser will action when the unit is switched back on from suspend mode, i.e. for security purposes, the browser could be configured to navigate to a login screen.
  • Battery and Signal Strength Indicators
    A battery power indicator and signal strength indicator, similar to that on a mobile phone, can be displayed or hidden, giving the user information on Spectrum24® coverage and battery usage.

To download the Symbol PocketBrowser please visit:

Part Number: SWE-60299-01

Support Information:
Now available, Symbol PocketBrowser for Windows Mobile 2003.

This product is not available for purchase through the Software Technology Center. Please contact your Symbol Sales Representative.

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Part Number: 39-61116-01
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