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MCL-Designer is a rapid application development tool, enabling you to quickly design a program for a variety of Symbol terminals. MCL-Designer can be downloaded and installed prior to purchasing the software; it will simply run in demo mode until it is Activated. Many customers use the demo mode to begin program development, testing proof of concept and simulating an application all on their computers.

MCL-Designer is for programmers and non-programmers alike. Its Windows interface makes it easy to click, drag and drop design elements such as text, graphics, bar codes, signature capture, text and database interfaces (ODBC).

MCL-Designer operates on Windows 98SE/ 2000/ ME / NT4/ XP / WS2003 platforms.

NOTE: The MCL Collection "dongleless" version is the only version available from Symbol's Software Technology Center. The "dongleless" version is activated using a software key and the software can only be used on the computer it is activated on. If you wish to purchase the hardware key, which allows you to move the software from computer to computer, please contact a Symbol representative to order. The hardware key must be attached to the computer before the software is activated.

MCL-Designer V3.x (for Symbol PocketPC & WinCE devices)
Part Number: SWE-63604-01
Price: $995.00
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MCL-Designer V3.x ( for Palm)
Part Number: SWE-67195-01
Price: $995.00
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MCL-Designer for Terminals V2.6x (DOS/Palm/Pocket PC)
Part Number: SWE-56598-01
Price: $1,995.00
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MCL-Designer for Phaser V2.6x
Part Number: SWE-56599-01
Price: $995.00
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