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MCL-Loader is free utility, for MCL v2.x, that enables you to load and activate MCL-Code Interpreter into a Symbol Terminal. Additionally, it's used to deploy applications that you created using MCL-Designer.

Loading and activation are two separate operations, which do not have to be done at the same time. Activation requires MCL-Code Interpreter, which is a parallel dongle connected to your computer's parallel port that controls the number of MCL-Code Interpreter Licenses used to activate a terminal. Licenses are removed from the hardware key when MCL-Code Interpreter is activated on a terminal.

MCL-Loader operates on Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP and ME platforms.

Note: To load the MCL-Code Interpreter onto Symbol Palm™ and Symbol Pocket PC/CE/WM2003 terminals use HotSync® or ActiveSync® respectively. Click here to locate MCL-Runtimes for Symbol's PocketPC and ActiveSync terminals.

For installation tips for MCL-Client or MCL-Code Interpreter click here.

NOTE: The MCL Collection "dongleless" version is the only version available from Symbol's Software Technology Center. The "dongleless" version is activated using a software key and the software can only be used on the computer it is activated on. If you wish to purchase the hardware key, which allows you to move the software from computer to computer, please contact a Symbol representative to order. The hardware key must be attached to the computer before the software is activated.

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