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MCL-Collection Upgrades from Version 2.xx to 2.5x
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MCL's newly designed V3 is offered for a lower price than prior versions and in new marketing configurations that support Symbol's new PocketPC and Palm Mobile Computers. Additionally, to support legacy systems MCL V2.6 will continue to be offered for customers using Symbol's DOS and Palm based mobile computers and Phasers. Because there is no one to one comparison between MCL-Designer; MCL-Link and MCL-Net, there is no upgrade pricing from V2.5 to MCL V3 available. However, MCL-Collection upgrades are available from version 2.1x to version 2.6x, which are free and can be used with your current v.2.xx dongle. These upgrades are orderable and enable you to receive the MCL-License Certificate, which contains the MCL License Number and Password needed to Activate the software.

The process for upgrading to MCL version 2.5x from MCL version 2.xx, is straightforward. You'll have no trouble maintaining all your current projects and applications with this new version.

Using the Electronic Product Activation to operate dongleless on an individual system will disable your current dongle. There is flexibility to only upgrade specific MCL software components on your dongle. For example, the dongle for MCL-Collection contains four MCL software components, specifically MCL-Designer, MCL-Link, MCL-NetS24 and originally 10 MCL-Code Interpreter units. You can selectively Activate MCL-Link so it operates without a dongle on one computer, and Activate MCL-NetS24 on a second computer while MCL-Designer and MCL-Code Interpreter still require the use of the dongle. MCL-Code Interpreter Version 2.50 requires the dongle and cannot be Electronically Activated.

Note: The Electronic Product Activation is machine dependent, meaning once the Activation is complete on a computer; it is not removable or transferable to another computer. For a complete list of supported terminals, see the Release Notes. For questions remaining questions please check FAQs or System Requirements.

Once the MCL file is downloaded locate it on your computer and double-click on it to begin the upgrade process.

The downloaded file is compressed and will uncompress automatically using the InstallShield Wizard.

Next the InstallShield Wizard will prompt you to 'Modify', 'Repair' or 'Remove' the MCL program. Select 'Repair' to replace previous program components with the most recent MCL files and click 'Next'. InstallShield will complete the upgrade process, click 'Finished' when prompted.

MCL-Designer Terminal Upgrade v.2.xx Dongle to v.2.5x Dongleless (DOS/Palm/Pocket PC)
Part Number: SWE-56558-01
Price: FREE
Click here to download software

MCL-Designer Phaser Upgrade .2.xx Dongle to v.2.5x Dongleless
Part Number: SWE-56559-01
Price: FREE
Click here to download software

MCL-Link Upgrade v.2.xx Dongle to v.2.5x Dongleless Part Number: SWE-56560-01
Price: FREE
Click here to download software

MCL-NetS24 Upgrade v.2.xx Dongle to v.2.5x Dongleless
Part Number: SWE-56561-01
Price: FREE
Click here to download software

MCL-Collection Upgrade v.2.xx Dongle to v.2.5x Dongleless (DOS/Palm™/Pocket PC) for: MCL-Designer, MCL-Link, MCL-NetS24
Part Number: SWE-56562-01
Price: FREE
Click here to download software

NOTE: NOTE: The MCL-Collection "dongleless" version is the only version available from Symbol's Software Technology Center. The "dongleless" version can be activated using a Hardware Key, ordered separately or a Software Key, which means the software can only be used on the computer it is activated on. If you wish to purchase the hardware key, which allows you to move the software from computer to computer, please contact a Symbol representative to order. The hardware key must be attached to the computer before the software is activated.

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