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AirBEAM, a family of mobility management tools, is designed to offer Symbol customers a wide array of centrally controlled applications that deliver a more complete and robust wireless computing experience than was previously possible. AirBEAM® Smart and AirBEAM® Manager deliver powerful wireless device and infrastructure management applications. AirBEAM® Safe provides full "end-to-end" security for mobile applications while ensuring a persistent application connection. Symbol Technologies recognizes the true requirements of the mobile workforce. AirBEAM solutions ensure a solid foundation for the management, security, reliability and convenience of a wireless investment.

AirBEAM Smart—mobile client management for systems and application software synchronization.

AirBEAM Manager—wireless network management for wireless infrastructure.

AirBEAM Safe—Wireless VPN for full "end-to-end" security providing secure and persistent mobile application connections across local and wide area networks.

Developer tools for AirBEAM Safe, AirBEAM Smart and AirBEAM Manager are available in the Software Developer Zone.

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This product is not available for purchase through the Software Technology Center. Please contact your Symbol Sales Representative.