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WaveLink Studio v.4.0

Develop Flexible and Technology-Independent Wireless Applications

Wavelink Studio ™ 4.0 enables you to create and deploy powerful server-side enterprise wireless applications in many operating environments, including Windows ® , Unix, and AS/400. The applications you create with Wavelink Studio can run concurrently without modification over wireless LAN 802.11b and wide area public carrier networks, over the widest range of mobile device types.

Become Hardware and Software Independent
Studio gives you the freedom to create wireless applications for most mobile devices–from traditional industrial-grade devices and scanners to next generation PDAs – spanning operating platforms from DOS to Palm, and Pocket PC/Windows CE.

Speed and Simplify Wireless Application Development
Studio consists of libraries that support Java™ and OLE-compliant languages such as Visual Basic® , Visual C®, Visual FoxPro® , Delphi™, and PowerBuilder® . Utilizing the methods and objects provided, there is no need to learn another programming language or development environment specific to wireless devices or networks. This allows you to simply extend your existing skills and code sets for the rapid development of wireless applications. The library consists of nearly 400 methods and objects that you can use to easily create applications that serve every mobile requirement and control the functions of the handheld device.

Java Support Provides Greater Flexibility and Independence
Wavelink Java support provides the latest addition to the Wavelink set of development libraries. With Wavelink Java libraries, you can write server-side Java applications that run in any operating environment with a JVM including Unix (Sun Solaris, HP/UX, AIX, Linux), AS/400 as well as Windows NT®/2000/9x.

Run Applications Directly from Host Server to Mobile Devices
Wavelink Studio uses an advanced thin client-server architecture to run applications directly from the host server to the mobile device. Revisions to the wireless applications are made server-side, eliminating the need to update each individual device on the network.

Easily Integrate with Legacy Systems
Wavelink Studio can also be used in conjunction with Wavelink's legacy system connector (Wavelink Activebridge™) providing you with wireless connectivity to existing applications resident on mainframe and AS/400 systems. You also benefit from the ability to support device types without having to re-write your applications.

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WaveLink Studio v.4.0

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