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WaveLink Studio v3.6

Wavelink Studio™ is a comprehensive development platform enabling the creation and deployment of powerful enterprise wireless applications. The applications you create with Wavelink Studio can run concurrently without modification over wireless LAN 80211.b or wide area public carrier networks, and over the widest range of mobile devices. Wavelink Studio speeds up and simplifies application development because wireless applications are created using languages that programmers already know and support. Studio consists of libraries that support Java® and OLE-compliant languages such as Visual Basic®,Visual C®, Visual FoxPro™, Delphi™, and PowerBuilder®.

Advanced Thin Client Architecture

Wavelink Studio uses an advanced thin client/server architecture to run applications directly from the host server to the mobile device. Revisions to the wireless applications are made from one location, eliminating the need to update each individual device on the network. This server-side approach is optimal for creating applications for dozens and potentially thousands of mobile users. The application can be designed and optimized with a single user in mind rather than multiple users competing for common resources.

Rapid Wireless Application Development

Wavelink Studio provides a complete environment to build and deploy feature-rich applications for wireless networks. Wavelink Studio includes:

  • Wavelink Development Library - OLE-based Dynamic Link Library integrates wireless networks and devices, using Java and more than 30 Com-based languages such as Visual Basic and C++.
  • Java Library - Java based applications run seamlessly across any device type without the need to learn another programming language.
  • Wavelink Server – Executes application software on the host platform and manages communication with the mobile device.
  • Wavelink Server Administrator – Offers utilities for network security and configuration, and for managing a Wavelink Server locally and/or remotely.
  • Wavelink Program Manager – Manages and deploys application software and access privileges.
  • Remote Startup Utility – Allows remote administration, including starting or resetting Wavelink servers from miles–or even countries–away.
  • Wavelink Client – Thin-client software fully utilizes unique capabilities of the mobile device and allows for tight integration to your application. Supports Palm OS, Windows CE, Pocket PC, DOS, RIM, J2ME devices and more.

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Part Number: SWE-50492-01

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