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Open AirGATE
Open AirGATE is a member of the AirAWARE™ family of connectivity solutions for mobile computers. Open AirGATE system software enables wireless connectivity between mobile computers running AirVU emulators that are AirGATE Enabled and enterprise networks. With Open AirGATE, mobile wireless computers appear as stationary TCP/IP nodes on the network without incurring the performance degradation, network overhead, system management issues, or battery power consumption normally associated with transmitting TCP/IP over the mobile wireless link.

Open AirGATE uses contemporary three-tier, agent-based architecture to take the TCP/IP protocol traffic off the airwaves and put it back on the wired LAN, isolating enterprise networks from mobile communication issues. Mobile clients connect directly to Open AirGATE over the wireless network. Open AirGATE then establishes and manages the connection sessions with LAN-connected hosts on behalf of the mobile clients.

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